England Vaccine TL;DR

Updated daily using official NHS data.

Percent of England vaccinated

Age groups vaccinated⁴

England vaccinated over time

¹ The Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective 7 days after the 2nd dose (source).
² The government has committed to offering the 1st dose of the vaccine to all adults by the 31st of July (source). This makes up 78.2% of the population.
³ WHO estimates we will reach herd immunity once 60-70% of the population has been vaccinated (source). In this scenario, this means both Pfizer doses have been administered and 7 days has passed. This does not take into account new strains or different types of vaccines.
⁴ NHS doesn't provide daily data broken down by age group. This means we guess the daily age breakdowns using a combination of the daily and weekly data.

Predicting vaccinations

We make some simple guesses about the future of England's vaccinations, using (1) how many vaccines were given in the last week, and (2) the 12 week gap between 1st & 2nd doses (as stated by the UK government). 2nd doses are prioritised above 1st doses.
Disclaimer: While these graphs are based on official NHS data, we make some inferences from the data. We have aimed to document all inferences here. These inferences aim to be as simple and interpretable as possible, so that visitors can build an intuition about the state of the vaccine rollout, but it should not be assumed that these inferences are accurate. This was made by someone with no medical or epidemiological experience.